Wine & Wisdom

Since we can’t gather in person  at Basalt Cellars as we normally do, the programs will be presented on Zoom.  Basalt Cellars Winery is generously offering a 15% discount on a bottle of wine so you can enjoy a glass or two while you’re watching the presentation at home!  These programs are made possible by Humanities Washington.  More information on the speakers and topics can be found on the calendar at

August 11, 6:30pm      Higher Power: The History of Evangelicals in American Politics
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Speaker Matthew Sutton will explore the history and meaning behind a uniquely American movement: Evangelical Christianity. Evangelicals are the strongest religious voting block in America, despite being a relatively new coalition. How did they come to hold such power?

August 18, 6:30pm     Should I Still Watch This Show? Pop Culture in the #MeToo Era
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In the wake of the #MeToo movement, in which dozens of high-profile individuals in the entertainment industry have been accused of harassment or abuse, many of us are asking: “Should I still be watching this?”

Explore the cultural and economic issues inherent in consuming entertainment made by people whose behaviors we find questionable, distasteful, or even criminal. Media and feminism scholar Amy Peloff will ask important questions including: How do we weigh the cultural value of art against the behavior of the individual creating it? What do we think accountability in the #MeToo movement should look like? Do the decisions we make around our pop culture consumption even matter?

August 25, 6:30pm     Is Truth Really Dead in America?
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Alternative facts, fake news, post-truth—these phrases have flooded the American conversation over the past several years. But how bad is it really, and what can we, as a society and as individuals, do to be better informed?  Steven Stehr will take us through real-world examples of conspiracy theories, junk science, and fake news so we can find facts in a world of misinformation.