Unattended Children

The staff of Asotin County Library welcomes patron/customers of all ages to visit/use the library and its resources.  We are  concerned about the safety of all library users, especially children.  The library is not equipped, nor is it the library’s role to provide long-term or short-term daycare for children of any age.  Library staff cannot supervise children or act as substitute babysitters.  The Board of Trustees has therefore established the following policies for the Library.

  • Children ages 7 and younger may not be left unattended in the library.  Parents/responsible persons (age 14 and older) are accountable for their children’s behavior in the library.

  • If a child is unattended, a member of the staff will walk him/her around the library to locate the responsible person/parent.  The policy on unattended children will be explained at that time and a copy will be given to the responsible person/adult.

  • If a child is unattended and staff members cannot find the responsible person, these procedures will be followed by the library staff:

              –Telephone call to parent/legal guardian

              –If successful, will insist that he/she picks up the child immediately and the written policy will be given to  him/her along with a one-time verbal warning.  If the child is left unattended a second time, the police will be called immediately.

              –If a parent/responsible person cannot be reached, the library staff will call the police to come pick up the child/children.

              –Under no circumstances will the staff take the child out of the library.

              –If the youth is over 14, they will have the option of waiting outside the library after a phone call is made to the person who is giving him/her a ride.

Unacceptable behaviors such as running, jumping on the furniture, throwing furniture/library property, loud voices, defacing library property or any other behavior that infringes on the rights of other library users are not permitted.  The following procedures will take place if unacceptable behaviors occur within the library premises:

  • Verbal warning that behavior is unacceptable.

  • If behavior continues, a parent/legal guardian will be informed either in person or by telephone call.  At this time, the parent/legal guardian will be told of the library’s policy.

  • If the disruptive behavior persists, request that the youth leave the library premises.  If the youth is under age 14 and a parent/legal guardian is either not on the premises or cannot be reached, the police will be notified.  The child will stay at the library until the police arrive.