The mission of the Asotin County Library is to advance intellectual curiosity, promote lifelong learning, provide recreational materials, and enrich environments in which minds can grow.  It is within this context that the Asotin County Library offers access to the Internet.

The Internet offers global access to ideas, information, and commentary.  The Library endeavors to offer quality links to Internet resources, but we do not monitor or have any control over the quality, accuracy, or currency of any of the Internet resources.  We assume no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from use of this Internet access.  Library patrons use the Internet at their own risk.

The following rules will govern the use of the computer workstations at the Asotin County Library:

  1. Use of the Library’s computer workstations to access, store or distribute obscene or pornographic material is prohibited. Violation of any Federal, State, or local laws or regulations is prohibited.
  2. Users will be limited to 30-minutes use of the computer workstations and a one-hour totallimit per day. Please limit attendance at each workstation to not more than two people at one time.
  3. Users may not make any attempt to gain access to the Library’s network or any other network, alter software configurations, cause degradation of system performance, damage computer equipment or software, or violate copyright laws or software licensing agreements in their use of the computer workstations.
  4. Printing at the computer workstations will be charged at $.20 per page.

Parents or guardians are responsible for their minor children’s use of the Internet at the Asotin County Library.  Parents should let their children know if there are materials that they do not want them to use and they should supervise their child’s Internet use.  If a parent does not want their child to have Internet access, s/he should notify Asotin County Library in writing. Once notified, we will do our best to honor that request.

The following are recommended guidelines for parents and guardians to ensure that children have positive online experiences, whether at home or in the library.

  • Use the Internet as a family. Join your children in Internet exploration.
  • Explore the wide range of available information and tell your children about sites you consider inappropriate for them.
  • Encourage children to use sites recommended on the Library’s homepage and counsel them to avoid sites you consider unsuitable.
  • Provide guidelines for your children on the amount of time they spend online, just as for television viewing.
  • Instruct your children NEVER to give out personal information (name, address, password, telephone number, credit card number) online.
  • Teach children to be good online consumers. As with print information, consider the source, date and accuracy of online information.

Asotin County Library does not disclose, use, or disseminate personal information for any user, including minors. While Asotin County Library does everything possible with the equipment and resources available to ensure the privacy of computer users, we cannot guarantee absolute privacy at public computers.

Misuse or abuse of the computer equipment or failure to abide by the Asotin County Library Acceptable Use Policy will result in the loss of Internet use privileges.  After 30 days, and at the request of the user, the Library Director has discretion to reinstate Internet use privileges with appropriate restrictions.  After the second violation Internet use privileges will be permanently denied.

The Asotin County Library Board reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.

Revised policy adopted November 15, 2006 by the Asotin County Library Board of Trustees.