Donated Materials Policy

Gifts of used books, records, and other materials will be welcome.  Such gifts will be added to the collection in accordance with the standards ordinarily use by the library in selection of materials.  It is understood that these materials may be given to other libraries, or sold during any book sale the library might have.  Proceeds will be used to supplement the budget.

The library also welcomes monetary gifts, bequests or memorials as long as their use is not restricted by conditions which would conflict with the standard practices and policies of the library.  The Administrative Librarian is responsible for making the selection of such materials taking the desires of those making the donation into consideration.

Donors’ names and the dates of gifts are listed in a special register.  Gift books will be shelved with the regular collection.  Special provision is made to identify gifts, memorial bequests, or purchases made from money received as a gift.

Special collections, such as historical materials, books having more than literary value, or manuscripts, will be accepted by the library only if proper provision can be made for their use or sale.

The Asotin County Library is not in a position to give value estimates on gift materials.  Such estimates, to be accurate require expert knowledge of the book market and of rare books in particular.  The library will be happy to give receipts for any gifts for income tax purposes, such receipts identifying and acknowledging gifts without appraising them.