Library Board Position Opening


Applicants must reside within the Clarkston city limits. Applications will be accepted until 5:00 PM Friday, February 10th. Job applications and job descriptions are also available at the downtown library service desk.

The Board of Trustees determines the basic policies for the Library’s operation and selects the Director to whom the Board delegates the authority and responsibility for the administration of the
Library. The Board, with the assistance of the Director, develops the Library’s annual budget,
apportions the funds collected by the county, and authorizes and oversees all major

The members of the Board are appointed by the Asotin County Commissioners for a five-year
term. According to Washington State law, two terms are the maximum allowed. The Board is
responsible for carrying out duties assigned by state law and local ordinances. The Library
Director reports to the Board and is accountable for the proper fulfillment of assigned

Trustees should be interested in the Library and be a current user. He/she should recognize
the Library as a center of community culture, education, and recreation. He/she should be able
to work well with others and be cooperative with all who work for the benefit of the Library.

– Meet once a month. Currently, meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of the month at
3:30 pm. This is subject to change.
– Elect officers and establish various committees.
– Evaluate and examine the Library’s monthly financial report.
– Determine the goals and objectives of the Library and methods of evaluating progress towards
them on an annual basis.
– Authorize the Director to take specific action as required and to conduct special studies and
report the findings to the Board.
– Continually appraise the effectiveness of the Director and perform an annual evaluation of the
– Be aware of local, state, and federal library laws.
– Continually promote the Library in the community and explain policies and services whenever
called upon by public officials and private citizens