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Asotin Creek Summer Steelhead

An icon of the Pacific Northwest, wild steelhead have provided important cultural and economic benefits throughout the region's history. To help conserve and restore this important resource, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted a Statewide Steelhead Management Plan that provides a framework for rebuilding wild steelhead runs throughout the state. The statewide plan, approved in March 2008, is designed to guide state fish managers as they work with tribal co-managers and local fish-recovery groups to develop management strategies for steelhead populations in seven specific areas of the state. One of those areas is the Puget Sound region, where NOAA Fisheries listed 44 stocks for protection under the federal Endangered Species Act in May 2007.

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Asotin Creek Fall Chinook

This dataset includes visual counts of adult Chinook at Lower Monumental Dam on the Snake River. These counts include fall Chinook returning to the WDFW Lyons Ferry Hatchery. Most spawning takes place from Hell`s Canyon Dam to downstream to near the town of Asotin on the mainstem Snake River. Spawning also takes place in tributaries such as the Clearwater and Salmon rivers in Idaho and the Grande Ronde in Washington and Oregon, and Imnaha river in Oregon. Within Washington waters, spawning takes place in the lower reaches of the Tucannon, Palouse and Grande Ronde rivers and in the mainstem Snake upstream from Asotin. Some spawning also takes place in the tailrace areas below some of the Snake River dams.

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Annual Anatone Weather Station Measurements

This station is commonly called Anatone and is located in Asotin County, Washington. The coordinates of this station are latitude 46.2°, longitude -117.11°, elevation 3101 ft. and can be viewed on the map. The weather station was installed on February 13, 2008, and historical data are available from that date through April 30, 2021. The most recent maintenance of the weather sensors at this station by the AgWeatherNet Team was conducted on April 27, 2021. If you would like more information about this weather station Anatone, historical reports, model predictions, weather projections, or access to run models and decision aids using AgWeatherNet data, please register at our website and log in. This description provided by AgWeatherNet from Washington State University.

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