Prime Time Family Reading

Asotin County Library is offering a free 6-week Prime Time Family Reading series beginning Thursday, February 16 and ending on March 23.  Each weekly session is from 5:30pm to 7pm, with the free dinner beginning at 5:30pm. Your entire family is welcome for dinner.

Register below – it’s not too late to join!
What is Prime Time

Kids ages 6-10  Prime Time serves families with elementary-school-aged children who could benefit from participating in a reading program together with their families. During a series of six weekly sessions held on Thursday evenings at the library, families experience storytelling and discussion modeled by a skilled scholar-storyteller team of Jenni Light and Barb Reddekopp. Families learn how to discuss ethical and cultural themes and how to connect big ideas in children’s literature with their own life experiences. The program empowers families to read and discuss ideas together, improving literacy and critical thinking skills.

Kids Age 3-5 Preschool teachers Janis Wallis and Karen Parkman will provide a storytime and activity in another part of the library for children age 3-5 while the older kids and parents are involved in the book reading and discussion in our community room.