Wine & Wisdom

The High Road: Fighting Selfishness Through Dialogue, Humanities Washington Speaker Tony Osborne, Tuesday, August 21, 6:30pm

Held at Basalt Cellars, 906 Port Drive, Clarkston

Many of us fall into habitual patterns of selfishness when speaking with others: interrupting, not listening, and constantly shifting the conversation to ourselves. Living in such a “me-centered” version of reality leaves little room to accommodate divergent perspectives.

Dialogue is a special partnership, based on mutual respect. It is the central method for discovering and exploring human truths, and it is the best means we have to nurture understanding and tolerance. In this talk, professor Tony Osborne traces dialogue to its ancient roots and discusses its pre-conditions, such as the necessity of quieting the ego and suppressing the urge to “one-up” the other. Cultivating a desire to engage in dialogue teaches humility and broadens a person’s horizons. Discover how at the deepest levels, dialogue may even bring about inner and outer serenity while checking aggressive impulses, which can be directed without—or within.