Board of Trustees

Susan Pakula, Chair
Carol Ingram
Mary Jackson
Jenni Light

January 2018 Agenda

The Board meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 3:30, unless otherwise posted. Board members apply to the Asotin County Board of Commissioners and serve a five-year term.  Members are limited to ten years of service to the Library Board.

In February and March of 2018 the Board will meet on the second Tuesday of the month.  Those dates are Feb. 13 and March 13.  In April the Board will resume its normal schedule of meeting on the third Wednesday of each month.

There is currently an opening on the Board of Trustees for a person residing in the city limits of Clarkston.  The Board of Trustees determines the basic policies for the Library’s operation and selects the Director to whom the Board delegates the authority and responsibility for administration of the Library. The Board, with the assistance of the Director, develops the Library’s annual budget, apportions the funds collected by the county, and authorizes and oversees all major expenditures.  The position closes at 5pm on February 14.

For a complete job description and application download:
Library Trustee Job Description
Board Application